Neurosurgery in Israel

D.R.A Medical - Treatment in Israel

The goal of the Neurosurgery Department is to accurately diagnose and treat a variety of brain and nervous system injuries and conditions through minimally invasive surgeries. Each year, our neurosurgeons perform specifically designed procedures to alleviate issues resulting from illnesses like epilepsy, hydrocephalus and pediatric brain cancer.

Our neurosurgeons participate in extensive training at world-class facilities and have excellent skills in computer-assisted brain surgery, awake brain surgery, deep brain stimulation techniques, laser surgery and stereotactic radiosurgery. They collaborate with a number of brain specialists in departments like Neurology, Neuroradiology, Neuro-oncology, Orthopedics and Endocrinology to ensure that you have the best wrap-around surgical care available.

We also use cutting-edge equipment and treatment concepts, which is a huge contributing factor to our astonishing success rates. Gliadel wafer implants provide patients with an excellent chance for recovery by slow-releasing chemotherapy drugs directly into the area that has been affected by the tumor. Our Stealth Station Surgical Navigation Station is one of the most advanced pieces of machinery in neurosurgical health, and it provides surgeons high-resolution, interactive images while performing procedures.

DRA neurosurgeons are dedicated to providing the most reliable diagnostic, surgical and recovery experience possible.