How it Works

Your health and comfort are our top priority. Our team of professional doctors, specialists and consultants will guide you through the process every step of the way. From your travel arrangements to your full recovery, each moment you spend with D.R.A will be organized, safe and professional.

The D.R.A 5 Steps to Healing:

1   Evaluation

Your client services manager will review your medical history and time frame for arrival. He will then inform our relevant department head to evaluate your condition based on your medical record. He will then decide if the tests conducted at your homeland are sufficient or a more precise diagnosis should be done in Israel. After the evaluation, you will receive a detailed diagnosis and treatment proposition.

2   Personalization

 Your designated personal assistant will escort you from the airport to the hotel of your choice in privacy and luxury. Your assistant will book your flights and lodging, manage your medical itinerary and ensure that your visit remains comfortable and within budget. This person will speak your native language and act as a liaison between you and your physicians so that you maintain the highest level of communication during your medical treatments.

3   Action

Your assistant will escort you to your medical appointments which will be scheduled in advance to avoid any wait times. All your appointments, diagnosis and treatments will be done in the finest medical centers in Israel using the most innovate equipment and procedures in the world health community. Our team of professors and department heads from major hospitals is hand-picked to work on your recovery because of their expertise and leadership in their specialty field. 

4   Recuperation

If hospital recovery is a part of your treatment, you will receive a quiet, private room which allows you to rest under the care of your physician, certified nurses and your personal assistant. If your treatment requires long-term medication, we provide all medications at no additional expense. In fact, we can prescribe more than a full year’s worth of medication at once so that you have continuous pharmacological support when you return home.

5   Continuation

You and your family will be escorted back to the airport with a full record of your medical treatments. Upon your return home, DRA representatives will continue to contact you about your treatment results. When necessary, we will organize conferences between your doctors in Israel and in your home country, and schedule yearly follow-up appointments as needed.

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