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IVF in Israel is a long-term experience, highly qualified personnel, modern equipment, and constant technology improvement. Worldwide-acknowledged results of Israeli doctors’ work, affordable prices and numerous positive reviews of fertility treatment in Israel speak for themselves. Entrust your health to professionals!

Fertility Treatment in Israel

For many couples childbirth is the most cherished dream. If you are planning to make IVF in Israel, D.R.A Medical offers services of highly qualified specialists on fertility treatment.

Prices for Infertility Diagnosis

At the stage of preparing for the IVF in Israel, diagnosis is obligatory. It includes following analyses:
  • Detailed biochemical blood and urine analyses;
  • Detailed hormone test;
  • Ultrasound of female genital organs (transvaginal, abdominal);
  • Detailed spermogram for quality evaluation and sperm count and immune reactions;
  • Consultation of the specialist.

Cost of the preliminary tests - 07.2017

Description Price (USD)
An expanded panel of blood tests for a woman, including complete biochemical analysis, clinical, hormonal profile 380
Virological analysis panel for women (HIV, HBsAg, HCV Ab, Rubella IgG, CMV IgG IgM, toxoplasma IgG IgM, VDRL) 685
Virological analysis panel for men (HIV, HBsAg, HCV Ab) 350
Semen analysis 285
Consultation of IVF specialist, gynecological examination 550-1000

Prices for the IVF Procedure in Israel

A chosen doctor and the methods of carrying out the procedure influence the IVF prices in Israel. Doctors prescribe hormone therapy course to a woman, its price may vary depending on whether a donor egg is used or not.
Description Price (USD)
IVF protocol including routine tests during hormone treatment 5650
IVF protocol - doctor's fee 1300-2000
Registration and logistics fee 850
Hormone therapy ~1100

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IVF Procedure

The IVF in Israel includes several stages of different timelines and peculiarities:
  • Ovulation induction. On the 2-5 day of the cycle doctor prescribes hormone therapy to the patient that stimulates intensive egg producing. The patient must be observed constantly.
  • Extraction of the eggs.
  • Fertilization with sperm outside the woman's body (in vitro).
  • Embryo transfer to the uterus. It is made on the 3-5 day after the extraction. The procedure is performed without anesthesia.
  • Maintenance of pregnancy. Doctor prescribes specific drug therapy. After two weeks of the therapy, blood test is carried out to confirm pregnancy. If the analysis is positive, additional US is necessary. In case of successful conception, pregnancy takes its normal course.
One of innovative techniques widely used for fertility treatment is EmbryoScope. It is an embryo monitoring system, which allows controlling the growth and development of fertilized eggs during incubation period. Applying new system makes it possible to choose the most viable embryos that considerably increases the chances of successful fertilization.

Among our experts on fertility treatment there are:

  • Professor Martha Dirnfeld – the head of the IVF and Fertility Department at Carmel Medical Center. During her long practice, Prof. Dirnfeld has allowed more than 3000 babies to be born.During her long practice, Prof. Martha Dirnfeld has allowed more than 3000 babies to be born.
  • Professor Ariel Horowitz – head physician of the IVF Department at Sheba Medical Center. His scientific interests are in infertility diagnosis and treatment regarding late pregnancy.
  • Professor Ami Amit - the head of the Maternity Ward and the IVF Department at Ichilov Medical Center. He was one of the first specialists who applied transvaginal ultrasound method for the IVF procedure and embryo freezing method with following genetic diagnosis.
  • Professor Adrian Shulman – the head of the IVF Department at Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba. In 2015 he was included in the list of the best Israeli gynecologists and specialists on reproductive technology according to Forbes Magazine.
Successful IVF depends on such factors as age, cause of infertility, lifestyle and others. IVF statistics in Israel show that women under 35 have success rate of 70%, but it decreases with age.

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