Prof. Moshe Hadani

Prof. Moshe Hadani

Head of the neurosurgery department, Sheba Medical Center

Departments: Neurosurgery


One of the leading neurosurgeons in Israel, expert in surgical treatment of pituitary tumors and benign brain tumors, specialist in treatment of vascular diseases of the brain. He has successfully performed more than 2000 sophisticated operations.
Professor Moshe Hadani is involved in clinical research in neurology and develops new attenuated techniques of treatment of brain diseases. He was a leading developer of the intra-operative MRI system, which is now used worldwide in brain surgery. He is the author of more than 80 fundamental scientific papers. His professional experience exceeds 40 years.

Hospital appointments:

From 1994 to the present time, Professor Moshe Hadani has served as the Director of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Sheba Medical Center. He is a physician in private practice at Assuta Medical Center and an Associate Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University

Domain of clinical interests:

​Problems of pituitary adenomas and brain regeneration, treatment of pituitary adenomas,  treatment of craniopharyngioma and Rathke's cleft cysts, various types of brain tumors, including brain meningiomas, intra-operative MRI at all grades of glioma, investigation of strategies of brain protection and regeneration, operations on brain vascular pathologies – aneurysms, cavernous angiomas, trigeminal neuralgia


  • Hadassah Medical School at Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • Specialty in neurosurgery at the Sheba Medical Center
  • Special practical training in clinical research, Department of Neurosurgery at the New York University Medical Center, USA
  • Specialty in pituitary surgery at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, USA


  • Development of the intra-operative MRI system
  • Development of the innovative technology used in focused ultrasound therapy
  • The first-ever human study of spinal cord regeneration

Membership in professional organizations:

  • Israeli National Committee for approval of human clinical trials
  • Israel Society of Neurosurgery (2005 – 2009 – Chairman)
  • One of the founders of the Intraoperative Imaging Society (IOIS)