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Ponomorov Family

Ponomorov Family
Review & Recommendation Letter:

Our family of three went to Israel for diagnosis and checkups. Organization of meetings, leisure, accommodation, transfers, surveys, support , report on the results of the diagnostic, document translation into Russian, carried out by D.R.A Medical. For all of these services D.R.A Medical deserve the highest rating. 

Checkups were carried out in accordance to pre-agreed volume and rate. 
All surveys were conducted by highly qualified specialists (professors from around the world, reach experience which can be found from their website). 

Survey results, kindness and attention of the professors, medical professionals, representatives of D.R.A Medical surpassed all expectations. Part of the planned survey was canceled due to lack of need (based on the results of previous surveys), the price was adjusted according to the price list for services. 

We express our gratitude to the representatives of the D.R.A Medical for their attention, empathy, interest shown in the surveys. 
We recommend if possible to carry out surveys in Israel with the support of D.R.A Medical. 

Ekaterinburg, Ponomareva. 
Mail: [email protected]

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