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Olga Dmitrieva

Olga Dmitrieva

In Russia I was diagnosed as having multiple lacteal cysts. I was told that immediate surgical intervention is required.

After consulting with my family and considering the recommendations from friends, I decided to contact D.R.A Medical through their diagnostic center at Nijnii Novgorod  in order to have the surgery in Israel.

On arrival in Israel, I was re-examined, the results of which revealed that no surgical intervention and, therefore, no mastectomy is required. The doctor’s recommendations boiled down to a breast examination once a year.

I am very grateful to the doctors of D.R.A Medical, as well as their staff, for helping me to avoid an unnecessary surgery, which was strongly recommended to me in Russia.

I wish to express special thanks to the support staff and especially to Arie Povolotski for the warm care they have provided throughout my stay. My visit in Israel was more like a vacation than a treatment, not to mention the highest quality of medical care. It is also important to emphasize that D.R.A Medical handled all the administrative issues related to my stay in Israel.

Thank you!

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