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Egor M.

Egor M.
Recommendation Letter:

In 2010, I suddenly became ill during a perforated ulcer attack. I was given a shot of heparin blood thinner, after a paramedic mistakenly diagnosed it as a heart attack. The injection provoked strong stomach bleeding and my life was saved by a long series of blood transfusions.

After that incident, I decided to seek further medical treatment in Israel. On the recommendation of friends, I contacted D.R.A Medical in Haifa.

Once I arrived in Israel, doctors confirmed that it was stomach cancer. I immediately underwent gastrectomy surgery and have been under observation by Haifa doctors over the past three years.

As per doctors' recommendations, I was able to return to normal life and work immediately after the surgery and recovery period in Israel.

I want to thank D.R.A Medical doctors- Dr. Bitterman and Dr. Sagul as well as Prof. Karmeli for the high-quality care and for saving my life.

In particular, I want to thank the staff at D.R.A Medical for their caring attitude, which rises above all praise, and for the care provided throughout the treatment. This kind of care could not be obtained at any of the Russian clinics.
To anyone in need of high quality medical care, I recommend contacting D.R.A Medical.

With best wishes and gratitude,

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