Prof. Ralf Kolvenbach

Prof. Ralf Kolvenbach

Vascular Surgeon
Head of the Cardiovascular Diseases Department

Departments: Vascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Diseases


Prof. Ralf Kolvenbach is graduate of the University of Duesseldorf 1975 - 1981.
Since then he is an operating Surgeon in major clinics worldwide including Mayo Clinic U.S.A, St.Mary´s Hospital London, University of Lyon, Free University Rotterdam and many more. 

Education & Hospital Appointments:

1975-1981: University of Duesseldorf
1981-1985: Residency: KMR - Hospital Duesseldorf
1982: MD Thesis
1982: Research Fellow Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Columbia, Presbyterian Hospital and Medical School, New York
1986-1987: Resident: Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Pediatric Cardiac and Cardiac Transplantation Service, University of Alabama, Birmingham Ala. , USA
1987-1988: Senior Resident Department of Cardiac Surgery, University of Duesseldorf
1988-1992: Chief Resident and Lecturer Department of Vascular Surgery and Renal Transplant Service University of Duesseldorf
1992-1994: Associate Professor and Attending Surgeon Department of Vascular Surgery and Renal Transplantation University of Duesseldorf
1993 PhD. Thesis
1994-1995: Attending Surgeon Department of Surgery, Fellow Department of Radiology and Chief of Vascular Surgery Citizen Hospital, Stuttgart Germany
1995-present: Director Department of Surgery, Department of Vascular Surgery, Endovascular Therapy and Phlebology Augusta Hospital and Catholic Clinics Duesseldorf
2000: Clinical Professor Heinrich – Heine University of Duesseldorf
2000-2005: Visiting Professor and lecturer St Mary´s Hospital London in regular intervals
2002-present: Director Venous Outpatient Clinic ( C.A.T. ) Duesseldorf
2003-present: Medical Director Catholic Hospitals Duesseldorf

Editorial Board:

  • Surgical Endoscopy (Chief Editor: A.Cushieri
  • Vascular F.Veith
  • International Venous Digest J.Bergan )
  • International Venous Digest J.Bergan )
  • The Journal of Vascular Surgery since January 2009
  • Union of Catholic Hospitals Duesseldorf FRG
  • Florence Nightingale Hospital Duesseldorf
  • St. Lukes Hospital Neuss, FRG
  • German Board of General Surgery
  • German Board of Vascular Surgery
  • German Board of Phlebology
  • Endovascular Specialist of the German Society of Vascular Surgery
  • Fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgery (FEBVS)

Research & Publications:

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