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Medical Tourism in Israel - Statistics and Facts

by Gaia Finer

Medical Tourism in Israel - Statistics and Facts
Medical tourism, where patients travel overseas in order to undergo various medical procedures, has been a rapidly growing trend over the past decade throughout the globe. The accelerated globalization of both health care and tourism has shed light on new possibilities for patients from developed countries in search of quality healthcare outside their homelands.

More and more people in need of medical treatment from many countries, not least of which, the US, are continuously discovering alternatives to the high costs, long waiting lists, uneven access and less than personal care they tend to receive in their own country. 

Medical tourism relies in great part on the ever growing technological capabilities and high quality of skilled healthcare providers in destination countries. The relatively low travel and stay costs guarantee patients a first rate care, on par with the one they would have received back home. In addition, the competitive nature of this booming industry enables patients to enjoy unparalleled complementary services usually reserved only for the rich and famous. 

Medical tourism has been on the rise over the recent years, especially among Americans, with an estimated number of over 1.6 million(!) medical tourists from the USA in 2012 alone.
Israel’s extremely high health care standards, its first rate medical facilities and its breakthrough technological developments, have made Israel a highly popular destination among medical tourists.
In Israel, patients from all over the world benefit from the relatively high ratio of highly skilled doctors and specialists to the general population. This allows the local medical professionals the time and resources to provide the patients with the personal care and attention they come to find.
Patients generally flock to Israel for less common procedures. Israeli hospitals are known worldwide for their high success rates with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and the substantially cheaper cost compared to the U.S.

Other popular procedures include bone marrow transplants, heart surgery, catheterization, oncological and neurological treatments, cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, cancer treatments, eye surgery, and anti-addiction treatments.
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