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Report: Life Expectancy among OECD Countries

by Gaia Finer

Report: Life Expectancy among OECD Countries
A report published by the Central Bureau of Statistics reveals that Israel has the 5th highest life expectancy among OECD countries. Higher than the OECD average of 79.5 by 2 years, Israel’s average life expectancy stands at 81.6 years. As is the case in most countries, in Israel too, women tend to outlive men, by an average of 3.8 years.

The report states the average life expectancy in Israel at 79.7 years for men and at 83.5 years for women.

Ranking higher than global forces such as the US, Sweden and France, Israel was also recently named the 6th healthiest country in the world, in a report published by the famous Bloomberg news agency. 
Israel, sharing the 5th place with Australia, was ranked just below Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain which rank in the 1st through 4th spots, respectively. The U.S., however, has fallen below the OECD average for life expectancy, at 78.2 years.

These impressive figures undoubtedly stem from Israel’s top quality health care system. With an extremely high volume of world renowned health care practitioners, continuous technological medical developments, groundbreaking procedures and top of the range medical facilities, it only stands to reason the general population in Israel benefits from a prolonged life expectancy, compared to other countries. 

The report also indicates that Israel has one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates - 3.8 deaths per 1,000 births and has experienced a pronounced decrease in cancer-related deaths. 
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